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Date: 24 November, 2018
Time: 12:00 - 13:00
Venue: Public Room Centre for Design and Innovation
Room: Ground floor
Presenter: Markus Marschall

Before finishing my studies of Industrial Design, I was asking myself: How can I contribute with my future profession as a designer to those millions of people on the run? How can I provide these people a more pleasant arrival?

This is where the name of my project ANKOMMEN comes from. The German word means arrival and focus on refugees, who have reached their (mostly temporary) destination. I was searching a solution, which aims to make the situation more comfortable and to provide assistance in their daily life.

When visiting refugees in their accommodations and while spending time with them, it became clear that the kitchen area harbors the possible potential. Together with the residents, the on-site helpers, social workers, involved administrative bodies and the help of a German kitchen producer, I started my project.

Often, kitchen furniture within those accommodations are of poor quality; becoming easily ruined through water, hot cookware and intensive use.

For that reason, I have developed a kitchen furniture that is made of durable materials. All used components are interchangeable with very easy means, while the furniture itself is constructed of just a few identical components. Not only do lockable boxes create valuable storage space within those small accommodations, but also for all scenarios, where many people cook and live in a comparatively tight space.