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Sensual experience of cooking

Date: 22 November, 2018
Time: 18:00 - 19:00
Venue: Public Room Centre for Design and Innovation
Room: Cosy Room
Presenter: Laura Görs

The sensual experience of cooking in all its forms, one of our oldest practices as part of any culture, is something that really defines us as human and I am truly enthusiastic about it.

I always wanted to work in the creative field, but actually i didn’t know much about design before I studied it. And after that finding your own way in the world of design is not always easy. After starting with a classical industrial and interaction design education I now find myself in the field of tableware.

I don’t see myself as a designer of luxury goods, but maybe my most exhibited and published work so far is Salé. The project deals with an original and very natural food source - the sea. Rough and sandy surfaces refer to this. The collection includes tableware consisting of bowls, plates and spoons. Because of its shape and especially because of its way of production the Salé objects are not for everyday use but for Haute Cuisine and food enthusiasts. Trying to get Salé into serious production and to find the balance between industrial products and costly limited small series productions I am in between two very different industries and I am still learning.